mcr Polylack Wood Transparent

Reaction to fire class: B-s2, d0 as per PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010.


The mcr Polylack Wood Transparent solvent-based intumescent paint system is designed for fireproofing wooden construction parts, such as rafters, posts and transoms, as well as interior design components: solid wood wall panels, plywood and wood-based materials (including OSB).

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  • high visual value
  • high durability
  • quick and easy application
  • crack, abrasion, and dust resistant
  • environmentally friendly, non-toxic
  • density: 1.14 ± 0.06 g/cm3
  • intumescent paint colour: pale yellowish, opalescent
  • solid content: 64 ± 2 m/m %
  • theoretical consumption: 0.3 kg/m2
  • average drying time at 20°C: touch dry (dust dry) in 1 hour, fully dry in 24 hours

The surface to be coated must be free of dust and other contamination.

The product can be applied on surfaces covered with a wood stain or a thin layer of enamel. 

After prior mixing, two coats of the paint are to be applied at +5°C to +40°C with a brush or roller, with a drying time of at least 2 hours between the coats.  For spraying, apply one coat of the required amount of paint.

The paint is ready to use. If necessary, for example when spray-coating or using paint from a previously opened container, it can be diluted with 1-3% aromatic solvent.