mcr Tecwool F - acoustical coating

Technical Approval: ITB no. AT-15-8163/2013 and AT-15-9682/2016

Certificate of Compliance: ITB-1865/W and ITB-2468/W

National Declaration of Performance KDWU/HZ/02/2017 and KDWU/HZ/03/2017


Apart from its basic fire protection properties, the mcr Tecwool F spray system can also be used successfully as an acoustic (sound-absorbing) coating, capable of dissipating sound and limiting reflections of acoustic energy off the surfaces of the divisions to be protected. The indoor application of the mcr Tecwool F coating results in the absorption of sound waves, reduction of reverberation and significant improvement of acoustic comfort. The weighted sound absorption coefficient for a 50 mm coating is as much as 0.90 (class A).

The mcr Tecwool F coating is to be applied directly to the surface of ceilings and walls. The use a special unit for mechanical application of the coating makes its application on partitions of any shape possible. Application of the coating gives a grey dashed plaster surface.

The mcr Tecwool F acoustical coating is completely non-flammable. It has the highest reaction to fire class A1 as per EN 13501-1 to increase the fire resistance of structural parts of buildings.
The sound absorption of the mcr Tecwool F system has been tested in accordance with PN-EN ISO 354:2005.


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  • non-combustible product, reaction to fire class A1 as perEN 13501-1
  • high durability
  • very quick and easy application
  • the weight is negligible in static calculations
  • biologically inert, non-toxic, health-friendly
  • resistant to cracking, dust, rot or fungus
  • airtight - provides ideal surface coverage
  • high thermal insulation
  • light grey dashed external texture
  • no heavy metal content

The thickness of the coating influences the acoustic absorption directly. The higher the thickness, the better the sound absorption. Weighted sound absorption coefficients in comparison to the thickness of the sound-absorbing coating, expressed as per PN-EN ISO 11654:1999, are presented in the table below:


Thickness (mm) Weighted sound absorption coefficient αW Sound absorption class
16 0,50 (H)  D
26 0,75  C
50 0,90 A