mcr Tecwool F - spray protective mortar system for steel, reinforced concrete and bricked structural elements of building structures

Technical Approvals: ITB no. AT-15-8163/2013 and AT-15-9682/2016

Certificates of Compliance: ITB-1865/W and ITB-2468/W

National Declarations of Performance KDWU/HZ/02/2017 and KDWU/HZ/03/2017


mcr Tecwool F ensures the obtaining of resistance classes:

  • R15 up to R240 for steel structural elements of massiveness factor U/A≤400m-1
  • R30 up to R240 for reinforced concrete elements
  • REI 60 and REI 120 for beam and hollow brick floors
  • REI 120 for reinforced concrete floors on troughed sheet

mcr Tecwool F belongs to the group of so-called fireproof light sprays, i.e. featuring small mass of the spray mass. It is designed for general land building objects, where increased fire resistance of structures exposed to standard (cellulose) fires is required.


Fire resistance of the system is ensured by correct selection of the thickness of mcr Tecwool F mass applied.

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  • high durability
  • quick and simple application
  • own mass of fireproof insulation negligible in static calculations
  • biologically neutral, non-toxic, safe to humans
  • resistant to flaking, dust, rotting or fungi
  • high thermal insulation
  • very good acoustic properties (sound insulation)
  • no corrosive effect on unprotected steel surface
  • "lamb" type external surface texture, light grey
  • can be painted with finish paints
  • free from heavy metals
  • dry density 245 ± 10% kg/m3
  • density at natural moisturizing 250 ± 10% kg/m3
  • heat transfer factor ~0.053 W/m
  • reaction to fire class A1

Detailed technical data are available in the folder.

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

The system can be applied to steel elements after previous anti-corrosion protection. It should not be used for protecting structural elements that are not guarded from direct exposure to weather (rain, snow).