mcr P054 weather control unit

Weather control unit is dedicated to control work of flaps actuators in case of rainy or windy weather. The device can be connected with smoke exhausting or ventilation control units and 230V~ electric actuators.

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  • the device includes 4 switchable contacts which are triggered in case of rain/wind, or at mains supply failure; the contact remains switched for a preset time after the ending of rain fall/wind,
  • alarm triggering rain intensity is preset by the user (minor rainfall - intense rainfall),
  • alarm triggering wind force value is preset by the user, ranging from weak wind (about 5 m/s) to strong wind (about 15 m/s),
  • additional input for flap opening sensor (closed when open), allows for optical monitoring of the flaps status,
  • the device includes indication of the following states:
    - 230 V~ supply - green LED,
    - "wind" alarm - red LED,
    - "rain" alarm - red LED,
    - "flap open" indication - yellow LED,
    - wind speed indication - light scale: 7 yellow and 1 red LED (red for wind speed above 15 m/s).


180 x 180 x 75 mm


Additional accessories:

KE 2a expansion module
Controlling contactor for expansion of mcr P054 weather control unit to over four independent control groups that are simultaneously shut during wind or rain.

  • 230 V~ control voltage, 5A/ 230 V~ voltage-free contact,
  • thermoplastic casing, grey RAL 7035,
  • dimensions: 158 x 118 x 76 [mm] (width x height x depth).
  • controlling contactor with six contacts for expanding the weather control unit to five independent groups.