mcr PROLIGHT continuous rooflights with integrated smoke vents

Types of continuous rooflights

  • Arch shaped rooflights
  • Triangular shaped rooflights
  • Pyramidal shaped rooflights

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Certificate of Conformity ITB-0539/W (as per Technical Approval AT-15-5661/2012)
• DL 2050 / DL 2500 – resistance to downward loads as per PN-EN 14963:2006, dependent on glazing thickness
• UL 1000 / UL 1500 – resistance to pull-off loads as per PN-EN 14963:2006, dependent on glazing thickness
• Resistance of glazing to hard body impact as per PN-EN 14963:2006
• Resistance of glazing to large soft body impact as per PN-EN 14963:2006 for SB300 class
• Fire performance for external fire, class BROOF(t1) as per PN-EN 13501-5+A1:2010

  • variety of shapes
  • wide offer of additional equipment

Available dimensions:


Minimum size [mm] Maximum size [mm]
Arch shaped 1000x1000 2000x2500
Triangular shaped 1000x1000 2000x2500
Pyramidal shaped 1000x1000 2000x2500


Technical description of standard

  • straight base of height 300 mm ÷ 700 mm made of galvanized sheet of thickness adequate to the skylight parameters (width, length, glazing thickness)
  • rooflights glazing made of multi-chamber polycarbonate, available in various thicknesses and colors, rooflights with BROOF(t1) classification
  • continuous rooflights may be delivered with openable units:

• smoke vent flaps for exhausting smoke, heat and burning fumes,
• ventilation flaps for general ventilation

  • continuous rooflights structure made of aluminum sections of shape ensuring water run-off,


Vents’ control system:

  • smoke exhaust – pneumatic, electrical 24V
  • daily ventilation – electrical ~230V, electrical 24V

Additional equipment:

  • anti-burglary grid
  • anti-fall net


Making options

  • alternative base sheet thickness of 2.5 mm – at self-supporting base of modular length up to 6.0 m
  • rooflights elements painted to any RAL colorcustom base height of h ≤ 300 mm
  • custom width of circumferential flange of base,
  • self-supporting base of modular length up to 6000 mm
  • custom base design
  • soft body impact resistance up to 1200 J