smoke exhaust vents

  • mcr ULTRA THERM smoke vent s an innovative product with the latest technological advances. We have not only achieved the thermal performance exceeding the current requirements (U=0.8 W/m2K) but also eliminated any thermal bridges.

  • Smoke vents mcr Prolight, mcr Prolight Plus are used on flat roofs or sloping roofs in various types of facilities such as: - production and storage halls - logistic centers - public buildings - retail and service buildings - residential buildings

  • The main function of the continuous skylights is to deliver natural light to the interior of the rooms. Equipped with smoke vents and / or ventilation flaps additionally provide an important element of the gravity exhaust system and / or day ventilation.

  • mcr LAM louvered vents are part of natural smoke exhaust system, with principal purpose of removing hot fire gases outside building. Louvered vents produced by MERCOR are available in wide range of dimensions, types of control system and making options. mcr LAM louvered vents are conformant with the normative PN-EN 12101-2.