mcr LAM louvered vents

mcr LAM louvered vents are part of natural smoke exhaust system, with principal purpose of removing hot fire gases outside building. Louvered vents produced by MERCOR are available in wide range of dimensions, types of control system and making options. mcr LAM louvered vents are conformant with the normative PN-EN 12101-2.

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  • Declaration of Conformity CE 1396-CPR-0032 (as per EN 12101-2)
    • Re300 – operational reliability during 300 cycles of opening and shutting to smoke venting position (flap with E1 electric control and C1, C2 pneumatic control),
    • Re1000 – operational reliability during 1000 cycles of opening and shutting to smoke venting position (flap with C3 pneumatic control with gas spring),
    • Re10 000 – operational reliability during 10 000 cycles of opening and shutting to ventilation position (double-function flap),
    • SL – operational certainty of flaps under snow load N/m2
    • SL250÷SL1300 – flaps equipped with E1 electric control
    • SL550÷SL2000 – flaps equipped with C1, C2 pneumatic control
    • SL125÷SL250 – flaps equipped with C3 pneumatic control with gas spring
    • SL 0 – facade flaps, independent of control
    • WL– operational certainty of flaps under wind stress
    • WL1500 – for all louvered flap types
    • WL3000 – flaps (max. 12 blades) of length 150 cm
    • WL4000 – flaps (max. 12 blades) of length 100 cm
    • B300 – resistance of flaps to temperature of 300°C,
    • T(-25) or T(00) – resistance of flaps to low temperature of -25°C or 0°C,
    • Acz – active smoke exhausting area
    • 60s – maximum flap opening time to working position
  • multifunctional: smoke extraction, air inlet, daily ventilation, supply of daylight
  • low power consumption
  • the product does not contain any harmful substances and is recyclable
  • easy installation – the product delivered to the client is already preassembled and does not require further processing on site
  • the product does not interfere with other roof equipment
  • mcr LAM louvered vents can be installed in facades and on roofs with any inclination angle
  • high thermal and mechanical resistance

Types of mcr LAM louvered vents

  • Roof louvered vents
  • Facade louvered vents


mcr LAM 800 x 500 [mm] 3800 x 2500 [mm]


Technical description of standard

  • base of height 150–250 mm, made of galvanized steel sheet of thickness 1.25 mm, or of aluminum sheet of th. 2 mm (grade AIMg3),
  • bottom part of the base has a circumferential flange of width 100 mm, through which the base is fitted to the roof structure,
  • thermal insulation of base made of hard mineral wool of thickness 20 mm; heat penetration factor U=1.41 W/m2K
  • leaf glazing: PCA 16 mm multi-chamber polycarbonate panel, non-insulated aluminum sheets (opaque glazing - SO), aluminum sheets insulated with XPS panel of th. 20 mm (SO+XPS opaque glazing),



  • smoke exraction (flap blades opening angle 90°)
  • ventilation

Control systems

  • pneumatic
  • electrical 24V-

Additional equipment

  • rain shield as an option for louvered vents installed in facade
  • aluminum flashing of the base for installation on a roof made of profiled steel sheet
  • end switch (possibility of monitoring blades’ position – opening and/or closing signals)
  • bottom base (plinth) made of steel or aluminum sheet upon request
  • louvered vents’ elements painted to any RAL color (base, blades’ profiles, wind deflectors, rain shields)