Due to the phenomenon of newly emerging companies offering the servicing of fire protection systems and equipment, we suggest that you verify the authorizations held by them carefully. 
„MERCOR” S.A. authorization is provided for specific time, and for specific branch of operations. The service authorization is a certificate of trust that is issued as a consequence of many years of cooperation, and is preceded by confirming the technical knowledge and professional qualification. The document authorizes to verify the condition of devices, and to eliminate any irregularities identified.

According to the provisions of law (the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration decree of July 7, 2010 on fire protection of buildings, other building objects and areas), and the provisions of operation and maintenance documentation, inspection of our equipment/systems may only be performed by companies holding valid "MERCOR" S.A. authorization for smoke exhausting system inspections! In any other case, the validity of inspection works may be questioned, e.g. during administrative inspection or by insurance companies, which are known to refuse coverage of material damage occurred during fire. The effects of this are borne by the building owner, manager or operator, who is statutorily obliged to maintain fire protection devices in a state of full technical and functional operability.

Entrusting service care to an experienced, authorized company brings a number of benefits. See them for yourself.

authorization for the installation of equipment

Are you interested in our authorization? Check the terms of authorization and contact us phone number 567 675 666 or send email.