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mcr PROLIGHT - single leaf

Smoke vents mcr Prolight are automatic smoke exhaust devices. The basic function of smoke vents mcr Prolight is to exhaust smoke, combustion gases and heat energy from enclosed spaces (production floors, storage spaces, public facilities, etc.) to the outside of buildings, in order to protect human lives and property

A WIDE RANGE OF DIMENSIONS - manufacturing of custom-made sizes to meet the customer demands is our standard service.
NON-STANDARD SOLUTIONS - The preparation of non-standard variants of vents according to an architect’s vision is also possible on request.
INCREASING ACTIVE AREA WITH ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS - Adjusting active area of the smoke vent by optional fitting elements that enhance its parameters (wind deflectors, inlet deflectors)
VARIETY OF GLAZINGS - Many types of glazing available e.g.: PCA, PC dome, PMMA dome, sandwich panel etc.
MULTIFUNCTIONALITY - Smoke vent may provide several functions at the same time, e.g.: smoke and heat exhaust, daily ventilation, supply of daylight and roof access


• Re300 or Re50 – operational reliability during 300/50 cycles of opening and shutting to smoke venting position, and 10 000 cycles to ventilation position (double function vent),
• WL1500 or WL750 – operational certainty of vent under wind stress equivalent to 1500 Pa or 750 Pa (depending on type, size and accessories),
• T(-25) or T(00) – resistance of vent to low temperature of -25°C or 0°C,
• B300 or B600 – resistance of vent to high temperature of 300°C or 600°C (depending on type and accessories),
• SL 250÷950– operational certainty of vent under snow load N/m2

• C type (square): 100x100 cm ÷ 200x200 cm
• E type (rectangular): 100x120 cm ÷ 200x250 cm

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings