• mcr iXega unit triggers an alarm after detecting a fire hazard, and controls alarm and fire devices connected.

  • Operating properties as per EN 12101-6:2007. mcr EXi-F overpressure system is used as protection from smoking of evacuation routes. The system comprises appropriately designed air inflow units that, by co-operating with the intelligent supply and control automatic systems, prevent smoking of protective zone by creating increased pressure.

  • Jet ventilation systems are used for desmoking underground garages as an alternative solution to conventional duct-based systems. All component devices of mcr j-FLO systems have approvals for use in fire safety systems of buildings.

  • The equipment for passive fire protection systems of the building engineering, particularly for the industry, requires additional functionalities apart from merely being fire resistant - e.g. making for potentially explosive atmospheres as per Directive 2014/34/EU and the related harmonized standards. „Mercor” S.A. holds this type of solutions in its offer. These are products designed for use in areas with possibility of occurrence of explosion hazards caused by gases and flammable air-dust mixtures. The offered solutions ensure high level of safety and reliability of protection in areas of high explosion hazard (chemical works, refineries, industrial plants).