• The equipment for passive fire protection systems of the building engineering, particularly for the industry, requires additional functionalities apart from merely being fire resistant - e.g. making for potentially explosive atmospheres as per Directive 2014/34/EU and the related harmonized standards. „Mercor” S.A. holds this type of solutions in its offer. These are products designed for use in areas with possibility of occurrence of explosion hazards caused by gases and flammable air-dust mixtures. The offered solutions ensure high level of safety and reliability of protection in areas of high explosion hazard (chemical works, refineries, industrial plants).

  • The mcr Silboard system consists of innovative fire-protection calcium silicate boards designed for: • building self-supporting EIS120 ventilation and smoke exhaust ducts • building cable ducts ensuring an uninterrupted electrical power supply or signal transmission for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes • fireproofing reinforced concrete construction components, reinforced with carbon fibre strips and cloths, in up to 120 minutes depending on the critical temperature of the adhesive applied • fireproofing steel structures, in classes R15-R180 (one layer) and R15-R360 (two layers) • building non-bearing fire division walls in classes EI 120 and EI 240.

  • The mcr Tecbor boards are a modern construction material designed for building fire-retardant cladding of construction components, as well as building independent components with a declared fire resistance class.

  • The Tecsel fire protection intumescent air grilles enable air to pass freely at room temperature through a structural part (walls, doors, etc.) while providing effective protection against flames, smoke and gases in the event of fire. They are compliant with the requirements of EN 1363-1: Fire resistance tests – Part 1: General requirements.